The Decision

Blogs have always been something that I have been torn about. They are a fabulous way to get to know a story better, see more details and dive deeper into a photograph. On the other hand, sometimes I find myself just scrolling through the photos, just looking, but not really seeing. I've always seen blog writing as something that Betty or Alicia has time for, but I do not. That constant line of " If I start this, it's going to be something that I am constantly having to check off my list and keep up with along with everything else" has played over and over in my head. But after this past weekend, my mind heard something else.

Each client of mine is so special in their own way. It's this "special-ness" with each client that honestly makes me feel so connected to them. The past few days I have been trying to think hard about why this is so true to me, and why that simple fact truly drives what I do. The point that my mind keeps coming back to is, "It's their story."

What makes each of us unique? What makes us different from each other? What is one of the main thing that allows us to understand someone better, or struggle to understand? Our paths. Our stories. Our choices. What's great about this industry, the wedding industry, is I get to step on the scene right when everything is going great. People are in love, happy and about to embark on their greatest journey. But, if you've had a session with me, you know that I am a talker and will ask all the nitty gritty details about your story and where you came from, before I knew you. Hearing about how you fell in love, who made the first move, ect. All of those details, make your story special in my heart. The fact that no two stories are the same, is what drives and connects that " special-ness" in my mind.

The Connection

Okay, so let's stay on track here. So we've covered my unsureness about blogs, that each client is special to me, and it's their story that makes them special. Some how this past weekend tied all of these points together for me. My mind heard something different for the first time. When people see my photos, I want them to see them, to feel them just as the subjects in them do, with the story. The images mean more to those who know the deeper meanings behind it and I'm simply capturing that moment, that meaning, in time. At my client's wedding last weekend, there were so many special moments. After culling through the images, I was so excited to share what we captured, but my heart and mind finally put the pieces together on how to tell my clients story better. Not just with images, but with words.

The Promise

So, in commitment to being the best creative I can be, I'm going to start blogging weddings, engagements, wherever my heart feels led. Because at the end of the day, that is my profession. To tell your story, to capture your path in this chapter. Your story is your super power and I promise to show the world in the best way that I know how. This is my opportunity to describe and show how each clients' story is special. My opportunity to give each client more, as each client deserves. Having your story told is so important, I promise to do that with photo, video and words.